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Alessandro Brunori


“Sustainability is the expression of the unique capacity human beings have when they respond to their role as the highest species: resilience.

Sustainability is the evolutionary response to the absolute need to reduce
humanity's hunger for resources.”

Tree Life, created by Alessandro Brunori, is a multi-sided platform and new model that brings together the sectors involved in sustainability and their supporters. It was created from the real need to deal with environmental problems, the lack of resources and the ever more rapid speed at which they are consumed, year after year. It takes its strength from man's ability to ask himself deep questions and to consider his history as that of the planet and the whole of humanity. Tree Life is based on the idea of cooperation, encouraging people to ramify their own actions and to join forces with others. It proposes the creation of a new financial system aimed at being "sap for one's own trunk" that will make it possible to generate the fruits of change, or in other words, those start-ups that together and only together can save the world.


Engineer, expert in Innovative Energy Systems and models for the optimization of industrial production.

Since 2005 he has promoted and disseminated technological projects whose focus is social development. He is engaged in the realization of a multi-sided Platform for reforestation.

Born in Cosenza, he graduated in Management Engineering specializing in information, organizational and energy systems.

He is an expert in Innovative Energy Systems and energy models for the optimization of industrial production. After a long experience in project control in the energy sector (Eni, Enel, Saipem, Gasko, Technip) where he was involved in design, construction, commissioning and maintenance, since 2005 he has promoted and disseminated technological projects focused on harmonious social development.

In the planning and implementation field he has focused on the constant research and application of innovative production and/or organizational systems.

In particular:

- Microgeneration distributed in peer to peer logic (Solarlife® model)

- Intelligent management of electrical and thermal production and distribution systems in order to optimize production and use management.

- Design, construction and management of standard and innovative renewable energy production systems (mechanical, electrical and thermal)

- HCPV Concentrated Solar Cogeneration

micro-cogeneration (m-CHP) with high efficiency hydrogen fuel cells

- Innovative hydraulic turbines for laminar currents in on/off-shore applications.

- Design and implementation in TPF (Third Party Financing) for PA and private high efficiency cogeneration (CAR), turbogas, endothermic engines, ORC systems, fuelled by natural gas, vegetable oils, biomass;

- Collaborations with ARERA (former AEEG) for the drafting and dissemination of energy efficiency incentive regulations for final projects and standards related to the Energy Savings Certificates (ESC) market;

- Collaborations with CNR ITAE R&D in the field of generation and (Domotic) use of high efficiency energy from renewable sources, COSVIG project;

- Participation and award received in Caralabria by Legambiente;

- Energy Auditing&Management of large public and private companies (Energetic Diagnosis).



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