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Ideas for a new Ph.A.S.E.

The "Virtual Coffee" is a series of live conversations between Patrizio Paoletti and leading personalities in the fields of Philosophy, Art, Science and Economics. The live sessions are broadcast free of charge on Instagram and aim to reflect and encourage people to reflect on the future that awaits us after the Covid 19 emergency.

Everything starts from the question: how can we prepare ourselves to face the great changes we are experiencing?

Through the "Virtual Coffee" sessions we share innovative ideas that can give orientation and support to everyone. The final aim is to promote a greater awareness of the infinite inner resources that each of us possesses, the incredible strength that can allow us to transform difficulties into opportunities.

Patrizio Paoletti


Simone Tempia

Caffè virtuale con Simone Tempia, autore di "Vita con Lloyd", ha venduto tante copie e convinto tanti lettori. Lui afferma: "Non cerco l'emozione del lettore, cerco di portarlo in un luogo". 


Patrizio Paoletti

with Paolo Nespoli

Virtual coffee with the famous astronaut Paolo Nespoli to reflect upon what we can expect from this period and how awareness is the key to face the future in the best way possible.

Patrizio Paoletti

with Alex Bellini

Virtual coffee with Alex Bellini, the most famous Italian explorer, an extraordinary character, young, eclectic and sparkling, with a lively, deep and attentive mind.

This conversation is focused on the future, investigating how an explorer prepares for exploration and how we can prepare for when the doors will open and we will have to explore a world with new social and relational rules.

Patrizio Paoletti

with Mario Cucinella

Watch the virtual coffee with Mario Cucinella, brilliant italian architect, innovative designer and academic, extremely attentive to environmental sustainability.


The topic of this conversation is man's approach to the environment and the new concept of beauty and sustainability.

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