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Rethinking ourselves and the space around us: Mario Cucinella's sustainable architecture

Updated: Jan 27, 2022

Mario Cucinella, internationally renowned designer, academic and architect, has been a guest speaker at "21 Minutes" on two occasions, in 2009 and 2015. Over the years, his research in the field of sustainable architecture has led him to develop award-winning engineering works around the world, recognized for their use of innovative technologies with low environmental impact. This research culminated in 2012 with the founding of ‘Building Green Futures’, a non-profit organisation that combines research on the environment and technologies in developing countries.

What exactly is sustainable architecture? What contribution does it make to improving our quality of life? During the 2015 edition of 21 minutes, Mario Cucinella explained to us that the design of every building that shapes our habitat can be considered a well-defined form of education: "Buildings are a form of education, for how they are designed, constructed, for what they communicate, for the emotions they arouse and for the empathy they establish."

From this point of view, the architectural design of any work, be it residential, industrial or artistic, is a reflection of our intentions and our perception of ourselves and others. Every form of human development is a projection of our will, our choices and decisions. For too long human beings have intervened in the environment incorrectly, adapting it to their own needs without taking into account the devastating impact on the planet's ecosystems. These foundations and the emergence of a new awareness, gave rise to research into sustainable architecture, a new way of conceiving the design and construction of buildings.

In our interview, Mario Cucinella noted that, “The issue of climate change should not be seen as a problem, but as a great opportunity to review certain design models, such as the construction of our cities in the future."

Rethinking ourselves and the space that surrounds us is the first step towards the emergence of a new awareness, which is necessary to envision a different and more eco-sustainable future.

According to Patrizio Paoletti, president of the Paoletti Foundation, "the core of human evolution is the ability to produce another point of view that allows us to look beyond the usual horizon".

21 minutes Awareness is the first network to respond to this call by connecting people and innovative ideas, shared by some of the best minds in the world, with the aim of creating sustainable innovation through a new education that puts awareness at the centre.

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