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Antonio Caprarica

The Aftertaste

“Many typical Italian defects become qualities in the end. Cunning has become a virtue, because the Italian's innate gift of knowing their way around has helped them surviving in Italy.”

He is surely one of the best-known faces of Italian news broadcasting. A correspondent that has made news coverage a joy, a pleasure with an aftertaste. A man that loves to tell stories but tell them with a subtle irony, something only few can do. A true professional with a polite but sharp style that showed us the human side of the British Royal family and showed us that London was much closer than we believed. An unmistakable, carefree style we could never live without.


Antonio Caprarica was born in Lecce in 1951. He graduated in Philosophy at the Rome University with a thesis on the relationship between ethics and economics in Adam Smith. He debuted as a journalist as the labour affairs editor of the weekly magazine Mondo Nuovo from which he moved quickly to Rome news and then to politics on L’Unità.
In 1989 he was appointed co-director to the Roman newspaper Paese Sera. In 1986 he wrote his first book together with Giorgio Rossi, called La ragazza dei passi perduti (The girl of lost steps). In 1988 he left journalism and moved to RAI (Italian National Broadcasting Company) and started working with foreign politics. He then became the standing correspondent of Tg1 news broadcasting programme for Middle Eastern countries, based in Cairo and Jerusalem. 
He covered major news events like the anti-soviet jihad in Afghanistan and in autumn 1990 he told, live from Jerusalem, about the Scud missile bombings on Israel. After these front line campaigns he was appointed Chief of Rai's Moscow Bureau (1993-1997) and then moved to the similar post in London first and, in 2006, in Paris. 
He returned to Italy at the end of 2006 and moved to Radio Broadcasting, as he was appointed director of Giornale Radio Rai and Radio Rai Uno. His stint at the radio ended in 2009 and the next year he returned in England at the Rai's foreign bureau. He has won several important journalism awards and has written several books: Dio ci salvi dagli inglesi… o No!?  (God save [us from the] English... or not?)(2006), Com’è dolce Parigi …o No!? (Sweet, sweet Paris...or not?)(2007), Gli italiani la sanno lunga… o no!? (Italians know their way around...don't they?)(2008), Papaveri&Papere (High Profile Bloopers - a collection of famous bloopers)(2009), I Granduchi di Soldonia (The Dukes of Wealthopia - squandering extravaganza of the world's richest people)(2009).   
His last work is C’era una volta in Italia. In viaggio fra patrioti, briganti e principesse nei giorni dell’Unità (Once upon a time in Italy. A journey among patriots, bandits and princesses in the dawn of Italian Unification).  This book describes and details the complex, multifaceted nature of the events of the Italian Unification and Italian history. This book does not take any side but rather asks questions that have not yet been answered. How was Italy actually born? Which is Italy's true face? A brisk, pleasant tale of noblewomen, intellectuals and action men as well as the stories of many people.

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