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Antonella Galiè

School director

"We need a new paradigm: to teach the new generations to have awareness of their inner world."

In the city of Peace and Ecology, the Patrizio Paoletti Foundation created the project Assisi International School (AIS). At AIS the idea of sustainability is expressed through an educational model that introduces the concept of "spherical economy". This pedagogical action is designed to offer children new tools to enable them to cultivate their aspirations, envision their future and therefore feel capable of changing in a changing world. Antonella Galié, the director of AIS, leads us into the magical world of an innovative school, through the 10 pillars that have created an environment for her and the whole teaching staff, aimed not only at education, but also at building the best life that every human being can aspire to.


Antonella Galié is a Modern Literature graduate and board member of the Patrizio Paoletti Foundation. Her work experience includes her role as editorial director of Patrizio Paoletti's most important publications. She has also been the editorial director and curator of the series "Readings of a Night" and has contributed to the development of the educational course for families, Junior Training.

Since 2009 she has been the director of the learning centre, Assisi International School, overseeing the development of its educational programs, the implementation of its educational laboratories and the launch of research projects in collaboration with La Sapienza University of Rome.



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