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Massoud Hassani


“Industrial designers have the duty to resolve more serious problems than the architecture of a table or a chair.”

How many inventions can be created by learning to deeply observe the events of our past and the difficulties we encounter around us? From his experience of growing up in an area of conflict, Massoud Hassani learned to conceive and create innovative technological objects capable of clearing entire territories from the presence of anti-personnel mines, making these environments habitable and usable again. He did this by taking inspiration both from science and culture, by experimenting with play, by studying the laws of nature and exploiting the artistic sensibility he acquired during his training as a designer. Above all, he understood that progress can exist if carried out by a network of different types of knowledge. He showed that a united and active community can solve problems facing the whole world.


Born in Afghanistan in 1983, Massoud spent his time as a child creating toys, sculptures and drawings. At the age of nine he was already able to weld and worked as a mechanic. He emigrated to Holland in 1998 where he discovered the existence of the profession of "product designer". This was an inspiration to him and led him to attend the Eindhoven Design Academy. He and his brother Mahmud became the owner of a design studio and Hassani invented and built the Mine Kafon, a wind-powered device to reclaim land heavily contaminated by anti-personnel mines. This discovery was inspired by Massoud's childhood: the wind often blew the toys he built into mined areas, where children were often victims of terrible accidents! The Mine Kafon has an iron core which can be located by GPS and is surrounded by bamboo "legs" which can move on any surface. Its weight reproduces the pressure of a person's step, triggering the explosion of bombs buried under the ground’s surface.  The Mine Kafon is faster, safer and 120 times more economical than other devices, making it a low-cost detonator of crucial importance for many countries that have undergone bloody conflicts in the past. Removing the mines from these regions means saving resources which can be employed more constructively. It saves young lives and frees them from fear, putting the future back in their hands. This is the greatest reward for Massoud and Mahmud Hassani, who have received many prestigious international awards for their invention.



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