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Manfredi Merluzzi

Manfredi Merluzzi


"By learning critically from the past we are actively stimulated to take concrete actions in the present that can transform the future."

What is a history professor doing here? Professor Merluzzi tells us how a historian's point of view and attitude are valuable and necessary for charting a course into the future: If historians are time travellers, experts in describing the past, who can be better equipped to help us imagine a future of possibilities?


Manfredi Merluzzi, Professor of Modern History at the University of Roma Tre. Where he is also Director of the Department of Humanistic Studies, Member of the Academic Senate and Representative of the professors.His research focuses on the theme of power, its construction and its representations in the modern age, the relationship between memory and society, the relationship between the dominant and the dominated.Member of several national and international research groups, he has been directing since 2015 the Master in Expert in Historical Communication: multimedia and digital languages. He has taught in Argentina, Chile, France, Mexico, Portugal, Spain, Turkey, USA, to name just a few and has published books, essays and scientific articles in several languages and with a number of academic institutions

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