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Angela Morelli

The Alacrity

"Change doesn't happen in a day. It’s a slow process made up of thousands of individual actions, energies, minds and souls."

What would you think if I told you that you eat 3,496 gallons of water a day? Understanding the real impact that our daily actions have on the planet and on others seems very complex, and indeed it is. But not for Angela Morelli, Italian graphic and information designer who is dedicating her life to making us understand the “weight” of each of our choices and actions. Accustomed to labyrinths of data, she organizes them and transforms them into information, or rather into pure art. For Angela, emotions and empathy are the bridges between understanding a problem and acting towards making change happen.


Angela Morelli is an Italian graphic and information designer with a degree in Engineering and a Master’s degree in Industrial Design. Soon after graduating she worked in Milan in Isao Hosoe’s design studio. She then continued her studies at Central St Martins in London with a two-year Master’s degree in Communication Design, specializing in information design. Angela then began teaching there and was involved in innovative projects regarding communicating problems related to the world water crisis. She got involved in this issue while researching her thesis entitled “The Global Water Footprint of Humanity”, based on research by Unesco and the Twente University in the Netherlands. This study aimed at portraying the water footprint of 132 countries, identifying the real impact of water consumption at global level, through the use of diagrams, pictures, images and words. The key term for her became “virtual water”, a name invented by Professor Tony Allan to identify the volume of fresh water used to make a given product. Angela’s project was awarded the “INDEX AIGA Aspen Design Challenge” prize in 2009 and in the same year an instant book was published about it and then distributed during the Copenhagen Climate Conference. The World Economic Forum nominated her as one of the 192 “Young Global Leaders 2012”.



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