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Mario Alonso Puig

The Conquest

“I can state that an enthusiastic, committed and self-confident can go well beyond what would be expected of them in their career .”

A doctor who, besides combining thought, word and physiology, shows that the state of mind can radically affect the biological condition of the body. Thus, the researcher turned into an “author” who published a guide on the greatest adventure of all times: the journey into ourselves. His book immediately turns into a hit as it poses a challenge to its readers: everyone’s potential is their conscience.


Mario Alonso Puig was born in Madrid. He attends the Medical school and becomes Gastroenterologist and specialist in General medicine. He completes his training with a Master course in Hospital Management (IESE), and a Diploma in International studies and medical Sophrology. He was awarded an important Communication and human relations award at the Dale Carnegie Institute of New York. Today he is Associate professor of surgery at the Medicine Department of Harvard University, member of the Academy of Sciences of New York and the American Association for the Advance of Science. 
For a very long time he practiced general surgery and gastroenterology, an advanced discipline that allowed him to acquire extensive knowledge and develop specific interests in terms of research goals. At a turning point is his career he decided to apply his knowledge and skills in the area of stress management. More specifically, he focused on the effects stress can cause to digestive processes and its relation with digestion disorders. 
He held courses in very prestigious management and training schools and took part in round tables on leadership, interpersonal communication, creativity and stress management all over the world. He still works closely with many international companies to provide counsel on innovation and personal motivation. 
For two years he worked at the Institute of Neurological Science of Madrid, consolidating his knowledge on learning processes and devoting much of his time and interest to studying the key functions of the brain. Professor Puig thinks that, before problems, threats or any other dangerous situation, our mental response has the chance and ability to find alternative answers. That is to say that anyone can always find a second chance or solution. These extreme external situations are precisely what, according to Alonso, allow a person’s skills and qualities to surface. 
In May 2011 he published “Reinventarsi. La tua seconda per una nuova vita”.

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