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Giampaolo Rossi 

The Community

“State television may help the birth of an interactive container that highlights and promotes the good things that we can find in the World Wide Web, not just to inform but also to educate.”

An arts and humanities graduate, he developed different professional experiences in the multi-modal integrated communications sector. For a long time he has also dealt with issues related to the evolution of language and the cultural development of information society. For ten years he has developed several projects for multimedia, all related to reading and writing. A teacher of Theory and Technique of the cross media languages, ever since 2004 he is the Chairman of Rainet.


In 2004 Giampaolo Rossi was appointed Chairman of Rainet, the Rai (Italian state-owned broadcasting group) group company that deals with the development and adaptation of the Rai's TV and Radio products for the Internet. The company has been established in 1999 and ever since them its goal has been making accessible to all Italians the new Web-based technologies by multiplying the venues and opportunities for accessing Rai contents on the Internet. It follows that the Chairman's role entails developing a global service strategy as part of the state-owned TV/Radio broadcasting service, as well as improving and maintaining Rai's position as a leader of the media and new media market in Italy., Rai's web-based television, is today regarded as one of the best providers of contents on the new platforms, both for quantity and quality of contents.
"The new languages are not just an evolution induced by technology or a market opportunity. They are the shape we use to rethink the symbolic facet of the new relationship between images, sounds and written word. The new languages are changing radically the way knowledge is transmitted. In all of human history it has never happened that the inner nature of a society changed so dramatically in such a while (the 20 years separating the “Analogue” society from the “Digital” one). Making the new voices heard and the new images seen is, in the end, one of the task of those who work in communications today"
Giampaolo Rossi graduated magna cum laude in Arts and Humanities at the La Sapienza university in Rome and he has a strong history and humanities background. In addition to that he has several professional experiences in multi-modal and integrated communication.
From 1996 to 2006 he was Member of the Board for the Istituzione Biblioteche di Roma, the largest Italian libraries network and he developed multimedia projects related to both reading and writing. He is also a teacher at the Suor Orsola Benincasa University in Naples and writes editorials for several newspapers

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