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Tristram Stuart

The Spiral

"I do not demand that everyone gives up something, set up a vegetable garden or start making preserves. You can do it, but it is not necessary. The first rule is: if you buy food, do not throw it away."

A young man who fights against food waste. He strongly believes that in order to save the planet we need a proper redistribution of food and he never misses a chance to inform and circulate his knowledge on the issue. A tireless activist that constantly denounces the huge daily waste of food resources happening today via strong images, unquestionable data and simple tales. An effective way
to open the eyes of the world.


Tristram Stuart was born in London in 1977. He is a tall, blond, very fit young man and yet he eats what people throws in the waste bin or rather what is "wasted". Even when he was a student at Cambridge University he picked the food for his meals from the waste bins of the well known English supermarkets chain Sainsbury's. He is an environmental activist and a freegan militant. Freeganism is a movement that fights against consumerist lifestyle and believes in recovering waste food. He today lives in a farm in Ashdown with his wife, he has a garden, breeds pigs and is also a bee-keeper but he is still a follower of the freegan philosophy. His two books have been a worldwide success. The first one, "The bloodless Revolution: radical vegetarians and the discovery of India" (2006) is a study on the history of world vegetarianism, while the second, "Waste: Uncovering the Global Food Scandal" (2009) is the true breakthrough: in this book Stuart accuses the Western countries of wasting exactly half of the food and claims that if this problem was dealt with seriously it would help solve a chain of other related problems. By reducing waste, Stuart writes, we would need less land for farming, we would cut down fewer trees, and we would use less water for the crops and generate less CO2 with food processing and vehicular traffic. And last but not least we would start dealing with the issue of social equality and start to solve the problem of hunger. Tristram's battles have been rewarded last year with the international award Sophie Prize 2011. Stuart has also invented the "Feeding the 5000" event in wish people are fed food cooked only with ingredients that otherwise would have been discarded. If more than one quarter of the food purchased is discarded then food waste, Stuart says, represents the key to the world environmental crisis of our times.

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