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Daniele Zambelli

The Symmetry

"When you look to the skies, it's from the skies that you find inspiration."

He values products, brands and companies by exploring the farthest reaches of all creative languages. He uses expressive tools that allow to form an overall picture where every detail features the template of the organizing idea. Planning is the tool of choice far the whole attention to be focused on the creative act, of which he is the creator.


Daniele Zambelli was born and raised in Milan, when he studied and immediately started as assistant at the Physics Laboratory of the University of Milan. In the meantime he also developed a passion far photography. A great advocate of communication in ali its expressive forms, in 1987 he founded a multimedia laboratory called Infobox, one of the first in Italy to dea! with online and offline multimedia projects. At the end of the nineties he began his free-lance career as art director of event projects. In 2002 he began collaborating with FIAT's executive team to revamp the brand, contributing to the launch of
the new Panda, Punto and 500 models. In 2007 he founded Simmetrico, the first network of associate professionals specializing in event organization both in Italy and abroad. The purpose of this new project is to build a communication excellence hub comprised of creative professionals who share the same focus on communication processes and event
signification systems. Simmetrico paradigm, the springboard far Daniele's every creative effort, is that quality cannot exist without symmetry, meant as "arder and proportion among every component of a whole". Daniele was art director far the 2009 opening of the KAUST (King Abdullah University of Science and Technology), an international university founded in Saudi Arabia, whose purpose is to contribute to global scientific progress.
The Abu Dhabi Ferrari World Center opening ceremony was another Daniele Zambelli and Filmmaster Mea project, a feat that won them a prize at the 2011 Excellence Awards. Another event worth mentioning is the benefit Sinfonica Simon Bolivar de Venezuela concert directed by Gustavo Dudamel at the Opera House of Milan last November.
Daniele is also involved in social projects; he collaborates with Fondazione Patrizio Paoletti per lo Sviluppo e la Comunicazione.

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