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Francesco Avallone

The Relations

"The relation between two or more people is an exchange of meaning, the creati on of reality and ceaseless quest far new balances."

He provided an outstanding contribution to the development of Occupational Psychology in Italy, taking high-profile positions in the  major  Italian  and European associations dealing with this specific discipline. An outstanding professor, he is loved by his students and a point of reference far a  "great university" such as Rome's La Sapienza. The admired curricular supervisor, the offers a new perspective, whereby to work means to manage relations.


Francesco Avallone was born in Rame and there he completed his Law degree with a dissertation on Labour law at the "La Sapienza" university in Rame. In the same university he majored in psychology with a thesis on socia! psychology. Both degrees were completed cum laude. A first step towards his main area of research, that is, psychology applied to work, took piace during his stay at Gonzaga University in Spokane, Washington. Between 1968 and 1995 he worked with public and private companies, dealing with human resources management in organizations and, more specifically, training processes and methods. In 1986 he was appointed Occupational psychology professor at Università La Sapienza, where he has also been Head of the Psychology 2 department far six years; between 2005 and 2008 he was Vice Rector  of Human Resource policies and in 2008 became Vice Rector of the University. Currently he is professor of "Occupational psychology" at La Sapienza as well as "Health and wellbeing in organizations" and is faculty member at the "Prosociality, innovation and efficacy in educational and organization contexts" PhD.
Over the past few years Avallane was in charge of the progetto sul benessere organizzativo (organizational wellbeing project) promoted by the Dipartimento per la Funzione Pubblica in which aver thirty-three thousand people and aver two-hundred public administration bodies were involved.
He often does consulting work within managerial training programmes, on issues of leadership, occupational motivation, problem solving as well as interpersonal and organizational communication. He was and stili is committed in intense research activities, which often results in new publications.
He authored aver one hundred and fifty works on the training and working !ife  theme.  Among  them: "Psicologia del lavoro e delle organizzazioni" ( 2011), "Convivence in  organizations  and  society" (2009),"Tutor" (2006), "Salute organizzativa" (2005), "La convivenza nelle organizzazioni" (2005), "Il lavoro nelle organizzazioni" ( 2001), "La formazione psicosociale" ( 2000).

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