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Oscar Di Montigny

La Riflessione

“Love, silence and beauty
will save the world”

Husband and father of five children, Oscar di Montigny is an expert in Innovative Marketing, Relational Communication and Corporate Education. He claims that the pillars of the Marketing of the future are Humanity and Social Responsibility, as we live in a new era in which companies need to know how to share values more than sell products. Doing good and delivering benefits are no longer two separate worlds. Today, every company must accept the challenge of harmonizing and intertwining these two worlds in order to be prepared for the future. Oscar is convinced that a radical change is necessary, since we are faced with the new and urgent challenge of creating an Ecosystem around the customer that synthesizes three needs into one: the company's need to obtain benefits, the customer's need to be satisfied and happy and society’s need to obtain a global and sustainable advantage from this transaction.


Oscar di Montigny is the Marketing, Communication and Innovation Director of Banca Mediolanum, creator and founder of MCU - Mediolanum Corporate University and CEO of Mediolanum Comunicazione. He is a passionate keynote speaker with a strong motivational impact and a multifaceted manager who helps the younger generations, public administration and companies to face the upcoming challenges of the future.

Following his marketing experience in various international groups, Oscar is now CMO of Banca

Mediolanum. In 2009, he conceived and launched MCU - Mediolanum Corporate University, a training institution that Banca Mediolanum wanted to create to promote a pragmatic and constructive approach to

disseminating knowledge. In 2013, MCU was awarded second place in the world at the prestigious "Corporate Universities Awards"in Paris. In September 2014, the Corporate University also ranked first at the Positive Business Training Award, a prestigious award conferred by the Scuola di Palo Alto (Milan). As part of the activities of Mediolanum Corporate University, in 2014 it proposed and created Centodieci (, a community which links together hundreds of events held throughout Italy (more than 230 in the last year, with over 40,000 participants). Convinced that today more than ever culture is primarily a question of sharing, Centodieci provides an online environment of cultural thinking and discussion, a laboratory of multidisciplinary reflection open to all.  
Oscar is the creator and disseminator of the principles of "Economy 0.0: the return to the centre", in which he combines business and management with spirituality, philosophy, art and science. Is it an era of change or a change of era? The rapid emergence of the first signs of a newly emerging Sharing Economy should not mislead us: the cultural shift will not happen if we go in the wrong direction. This investigation led to defining the basic principles of the concept of Economy 0.0: "...we have entered the Age of Relationships and the digital convergence between technology and human relations is bringing with it the genes of a disruptive innovation; it will be necessary to re-invent oneself to re-invent, becoming an active part in determining a new economic and social system. Therefore, the challenge for companies has become, above all, a 'cultural' challenge. The winners will be those that know how to anticipate the new technological, social and market mega-trends, able to reconsider themselves as an eco-system based on the sharing of a value system".

Oscar is the founder of BYE. BeYourEssence, a cultural movement and benefit society of which he is president today, which carries out entrepreneurial initiatives aimed at disseminating the strength of a life lived for the Good.

He is also the author of the blog "Reflections for the Third Millennium" in which he investigates and analyses how the macro trends of the future will determine the new social and market scenarios of the future.



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