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Davide Groppi

The Unveiling

"The light bulb has always been far me a point of reference. It is a journey around the light, the lamp, understood as a glass bulb with a fire inside."

He searches for the truth in pursuit of beauty in the intangible aspects of light. Purity and imagination are the key components in the design.
He uses a language reduced to its most essential. Minimalist par excellence, he gives meaning to the very idea of light, curing projects for  illumination  and creating objects, especially lamps.
The designer of light takes a physical and emotionally oriented discovery of the meaning of things.


Davide Groppi was born  in Piacenza, where he started working  in 1988. Beginning with a small workshop  in the historic  heart  of  the  city, he  invents and manufactures  lamps with the  brand  by his  same name. His source of  inspiration  is an attempt to approach the  light in the  same way as approaching the  truth, the search for which is possible through beauty.
In 1994, on the occasion of the  Salone del Mobile, he presented the "Baloo"  lamp in the  De Padova space. It was received with great success and from that moment on was born his craft of "making lamps." He realizes objects and lighting projects where simplicity, lightness, emotion and invention are the essential elements.
In 1998 he inaugurated the showroom in Milan and, in the following years, those of Copenhagen and Barcelona. Currently his lamps are distributed throughout the world in the most qualified furniture and lighting stores.
He works with the knowledge that making lamps is not an exact science, but is at the same time in need of a method: it is the discovery of intuition and the strength to look within. His love for his work and the  constant urge to make sense of it all led Davide to identify four paradigms for design: invention, intuition, vision and recovery.
With the 'lampada di terra Sampei', which reproduces the lighting mechanism in a stem telescopie fishing rad, Davide won the Edida (Elle Decor International Design Award) for the best light in the world, in 2011.
The Sampei and Nulla projects were selected by ADI - Design Index 2011-2012 which also collects together the projects selected for the next Compasso d'Oro. In addition, he has participated in numerous international trade fairs and special projects in the private and public sectors.
In 2012, Davide opened Spazio Experienze ( Space Experiences) in Piacenza, a space formed in the heart of the factory to capture the essence of his work and his team. Open to  visitors, the  space is an unforgettable experience that engenders a sense of belonging and the desire to return.

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