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Filippo La Mantia


"In life as well as in cooking, my secret is that I am consistent in everything I do. I don't have anything to prove to anyone. I simply do something I like; when I'll stop having fun, then I will find another job." 

A man who is passionate about life, a genius who is as generous as he is proud. Having acted out several personas, now he calls himself a chef and a host, and tomorrow... who knows? Accurate and strict in everything he does, he can't stand improvisation. Running through an eventful life, he has moved from the camera lens to cooking, inventing a style that is all his own, in the name of tradition and simplicity. 


Filippo La Mantia was born and raised in Palermo. He attended art school. In the late Seventies, he started working as a photographer. His first photo was that of a doctor killed in the street because he had refused to treat a Mafioso. From 1978 to 1986, Filippo was a crime news photographer. His photos telling about the cruelty of mafia are extremely famous. In 1982, he entered the Pulitzer prize, and his photos were published on Time, Life and Stern. One day, he left the world of photography because of some controversy and decided to take up cooking. As a self-taught chef, he started to cook at the age of 42. He opened a cous-cous bar in San Vito Lo Capo, where his art took shape and flavour. In 2001, he moved from Palermo to Rome to work as a caterer at art events. From 2001 to 2007, he was chef at Restaurants Zagara and La Trattoria, then he joined Majestic, the restaurant of the Majestic Hotel in Via Veneto, in the heart of the capital, where he stayed. Filippo is an eclectic man, who runs after his passion for doing what he loves. He calls himself an instinctual chef as he does not follow any rule or strict pattern; he lets himself be guided by the legacy of tradition that becomes the innovating foundation of his cooking style. Filippo is also a good communicator, and all he does he knows how to convey and share with others, simply and straightforwardly. La Mantia is also engaged in social projects, in partnership with "Lega italiana per la lotta ai tumori" (Italian association for the defeat of cancer), and projects for the defeat of diabetes. He has worked with Comunita di Sant'Egidio in "Caponata for Life", a project in support of children with AIDS. He cooks all over the world for celebrities and major events, such as the World Food Programme in 2011. Now, La Mantia is married and has a little daughter. 

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