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Ruben Laukkonen


“The scientific method and the wisdom traditions form an ideal marriage in an authentic pursuit of truth.”

Lecturer and assistant professor at Southern Cross University, Goldcoast, Australia, his research focuses on psychology and cognitive neuroscience, studying in particular the phenomenon of insight in meditation. He has a deep respect for both the scientific method and the sapiential traditions, which he believes form an ideal combination in an authentic personal and professional quest.  He devotes himself to poetry, surfing, Muay Thai, ecstatic dance and Zen. His multifaceted training and his work are deeply oriented towards exploring our mind more and more in order to discover empirical, practical, simple and effective paths to peace.


Laukkonen is a principal investigator and lecturer at Southern Cross University and holds honourary fellowships at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and The University of Queensland. Ruben’s research uncovers empirically grounded and experientially authentic models of meditation, insight, and non-duality. Using a combination of methods including behaviour, neuroimaging, machine learning, and phenomenology, he is investigating some of the rarest states of consciousness available to human beings. Ruben’s research is deeply theoretically driven and traverses multiple levels of explanation, from neurons to psychology. He has published articles in leading journals, regularly speaks at international conferences, consults for the Organisation of Economic Cooperation and Development, and has written on topics that range from artificial intelligence to psychedelics. Ruben has an eclectic contemplative background, including traditions such as Zen, Advaita, and Theravada.

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