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Emmanuel Leprince


"The SMEs are the driving force of the European economy 
because they are flexible. They can adapt quickly to market needs."

Since creating the Comité Richelieu, the French Association of innovative SMEs, in 1989, he has dedicated his professional life to helping high-potential companies 'pierce' the glass ceiling that prevents them from growing and becoming global leaders. Through trials (numerous) and tribulations (even more), he realized that the obstacles to growth are not only economic and industrial, but also cultural and psychological: in the Old World, change and innovation are often perceived as a threat rather than an opportunity.

Emmanuel Leprince born in 1964 in a town in the region of Paris. His family is of Normandy origin, and Leprince has never wanted to stray far from these roots. After a course of humanistic studies, in 1987 he received his diploma for the École Centrale de Paris. Following, he completed a Master in Marketing Technology at the École Supérieure de Commerce de Paris. During his military service, which during that period was still obligatory, he found himself operating in the DGA (General Delegation for Armaments, the agency responsible for acquisitions within the Ministry of Defense). In this context, in supply management for the for the French AWACS aircraft, he first encountered the specific problem of SME in the area of high-end technology and with the role of an office occupied in international lobbying, in this case with the U.S.. In 1997 he integrated this experience participating in the Japanese Studies for International Executives. Two years later he created the association Comité Richelieu which aims to have the voices of the Small and Medium French Enterprises involved in innovation, be heard. In 1997, within this initiative, follows the launch of the Fédération Européenne des PME de haute technologie (European Federation of high tech SMEs) which coordinates at the European level the national representative SME associations, and in 2005 the program Pacte PME in partnership with France and with Oséo, a development bank for SMEs. Leprince directed the Pacte PME program for the 5 years. In 2010 he assumed the role of Director General of the association Pacte PME the first equal body organism between SMEs, large groups and medium-sized enterprises (ETI), while holding the post of adviser to the President of the Richelieu Committee. This new association, sustained by the power of the French public, has given itself the objective to develop around the SMEs ecosystems of excellence that favor growth. Leprince is also a member of the Innovation Committee of MEDEF (Mouvement des Enterprises de France) and represents the interests of the SMEs to the Guidance Service Commission of the State Purchasing. Regularly his articles on that reflect the position of the SMEs and of the medium enterprises appear in French media. Thanks to his listening to others and of the Other, thanks to his travels in many other countries, and thanks to his assiduous participation in Rencontre de Fès (“a soul for globalization”), Leprince has been able to place the human and spiritual dimension at the center of his commitment. He says of himself, “a lobbyist of a new type”.

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