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Vito Lomele

The Inventiveness 

"I have one only hope, that is, for the youth to follow in our path, for them to believe in their abilities and be daring. I have one simple suggestion for all of them: get a head start with a global vision." 

Vito Lomele turned everything complicated into something simple. He is a man who looks at the very substance of things, without losing sight of the final goal. He is the emblem of modern-day Italian entrepreneurship, made of people who dare to go against the grain and ultimately succeed. Set off from Puglia, today he reaches the whole world thanks to his outstanding creation: a job offer search engine that is as simple and intuitive as its very creator. 


Vito Lomele was born in Conversano, Puglia. He went to high school there and at 18 he moved to Milan to study Information Engineering at the Polytechnic University. In the third year Vito moved to Sweden for his Erasmus program, an experience he refers to as crucial for his personal development. He wrote his thesis in Berlin and right after university he started working in Germany and Great Britain in small start-ups operating in the web and mobile telephony businesses. In Munich he joined the FriendScout24 team, a car ad webpage. After ten years spent abroad, in 2004 he decided to move back to Italy, where his first challenge was finding a job. This gave him an idea: developing a job offer search engine. In 2005 he created a job-recruiting platform and called the start-up "Jobespresso", a company incorporated in London with the headquarters in a Milan basement. The beginning is uphill, given the scarcity of funding to make the endeavor take off. Thus Vito invented "Jobrapido" with the support of friends and web veterans who raise two hundred thousand Euros, to add to one hundred and fifty thousand Euros funded by "Oliver Samwer", the European internet giant. The elements were all in place and before long advertising alone generates enough revenue to pay salaries and management costs. Jobrapido was an immediate success. Today it is the webpage in which millions of people can find job offers from over forty countries all over the world. In 2009 the company counted with thirty-two people, now it has over eighty, coming from everywhere in the world. This year the "Evenbase" group (Daily Mail and General Trust group) acquired 49% of Jobrapido's capital, while Vito Lomele remains at the helm of the company with the majority shareholding. 

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