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Luciano Mazzetti


"Even taking into account what is happening in the economy and in politics
the most pressing problem today is education."

A university lecturer in the science of education and President of the International Montessori Center, he has worked with Unicef for 30 years. The current importance of Montessori's lesson is at the heart of his thinking: a free and responsible child, who is allowed to grow and learn according to his or her abilities, and not according to overarching adult structures, develops the desire to become an autonomous adult. In short, it is a lesson about profound respect for the status of the child, who is both strong and defenseless at the same time.


Luciano Mazzetti was born in Perugia in 1941. He graduated in Education from La Sapienza University in Rome. In 1971, he began his academic career at the University of Perugia. After having lectured at various universities in Rome and Perugia, he now lectures in Educational Science at Roma Tre University. At this university, he is also a member of the Education for Health Laboratory and the Literature for Childhood Laboratory in the Faculty of Educational Science. His research work began in 1974 and he has been involved in dozens of research projects in collaboration with the Ministry of Public Education and of the University, the National Research Council (CNR) and various other institutional entities. In addition to his university lecturing, he has also worked for decades with Unicef, especially with the head office in New York and with the Italian office. He is a member and professional consultant for the National Consultancy for Educational Development and, for fifteen years he has been in charge of projects for Educational Development for Unicef in Latin American countries, including the New Spain project at U.N.A.M. University in Mexico City. His relationship with the Montessori Movement began in 1987, when he became a member of Opera Nazionale Montessori (ONM). In the same year, the Italian government passed an act recognizing the ONM's right and duty to provide methodological support for all private and public schools where the Montessori method is used. He has taken part in international conferences and seminars organized by ONM, but above all, he is actively involved in the educational activities ONM offers. His work for Unicef and his collaboration with universities in the USA, Mexico, Peru, China and Japan allow him to gain anthropological and cultural insight into childhood and education, as can be seen in his book Vagabondaggi sulle tracce dell’educazione (Roaming on the trail of education; Rome, 1994). From 1990 to 1996, he took part in a joint Unicef and Ministry of Public Education campaign on the UN convention on the rights of children. The results of this research project formed part of the book  Una cultura dell’infanzia (A culture of childhood; Rome, 1997). In 2009, Luciano Mazzetti was appointed President of the National Montessorian Opera and of the International Montessorian Center in Perugia in which he has vigorously seeks development, openess and the creation of new networks in Italy and abroad.

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