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Isidoro Mazzitelli

The journey

“We live in a beautiful, small, delicate place, rich in thousand-year-old stories that can continue to exist if we have the courage to embark on this journey anew.”

Aerospace engineer Isidoro Mazzitelli led the team of a multinational company in producing ball bearings for the robotic arm of the special vehicle Perseverance, on mission to Mars. Perseverance is also a key element in the personal and professional story of the engineer from Calabria, with important personal trials that helped him to understand and change the course of his story. In small steps, Isidoro Mazzitelli tells us about his journey, sharing his vision of the future by reflecting on the technological challenges we face today.


Isidoro Mazzitelli Aerospace engineer, born in Acquappesa, Calabria, graduated in Pisa, and after his professional experience in various countries around the world he is now collaborating with NASA as part of the Mars 2020 project. He is Director of Product Development and Engineering Americas for a large multinational company and led their team in the production of the bearings for the robotic arm of Perseverance, the Mars Rover that has been taking its steps on the Red Planet.
He started working abroad. First a PhD in mechanical engineering between Italy and America, then back to Italy, then in Holland, in Utrecht and from Holland to Sweden where he did research and development.
In 2019, he moved to the United States, to organize the development sector of the American continent with several teams distributed in various cities. As director of research and development he was involved in green technologies, high tech product development for many industries and applications from the automotive, aerospace and medical fields, to the exciting work on the development of applications such as the rover that went to Mars.

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