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Luca Prasso


"The new generations will create better virtual world provided they understand better the real world that surrounds them."

All through his life, he has always wanted to draw, so it was a short step for him to move from drawing on paper to using a personal computer. So he became the pioneer of digital cartoons. The characters of his virtual cartoons boost creativity, he grasped their potentials for children and developed a start-up to create mobile applications for children. In his opinion, if properly used, technology may be an important educational development tool.


Luca Prasso was born in Turin and lives in Verona. Here, he attended a scientific-oriented secondary school and discovered the first personal computers. It was then that he saw a chance to combine his mad passion for drawing with technology. With his father as a partner, he opened a computer shop where, at the back, he created images, games and animations. Then, in 1986, he put his skills into practice and went to work in a computer graphic studio. Then he moved to Milan, where he worked for a graphic design studio, and, in 1995, he moved to California to work for a company that was taken over by DreamWorks in 1996. There, Luca worked supervised a design team that were developing animation software for films.
For years, he has been engaged in creating the virtual skeletons of DreamWorks cartoons: Antz, Shrek, Madagascar and Kung Fu Panda. 
Aged forty-nine, father of Noah (four) and Emily (two), he decided to explore the option to develop creative, challenging tools for the new generations and for playing with his children. So, along with his colleague Erwan Maigret and wife Nadia Andreini, he opened the start-up – based in the US and France – called Curious Hat to develop high-tech iOS applications to make people, parents and children understand the benefits of moderate exposure to technology.
Curious Hat’s first creature was Colour Vacuum, an application created last year to help explore and collect the colours of reality with one’s smartphone or iPad camera. Such applications try to boost children’s creativity and involve their parents in their games. The start-up’s mission is actually to create digital explorations that involve children in the surrounding real world, while encouraging their creativity and talent.
Luca Prasso is also an amateur photographer who has won several awards and accolades for his work. 

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