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Marina Salamon

The Essence

“Using your heart is the key to actually MAKING choices instead of just living through them. In one's job as well as in life.”

A talented entrepreneur that in a few years has built and presently runs a true economic empire. She believes in global market but she prefers real economics to finance. She loves technology, innovations, ecology. She is highly empathetic and capable of raising enthusiasm about her projects and put group mentality on the forefront. A true and proper Treviso woman that despite her many business engagements never neglects her family or civil commitments.


Marina Salamon was born in 1958. She graduated in History at the Venice University. In 1982 she founded a silk shirt manufacturing company with Luciano Benetton. A few years later she acquired a 49% - hence minority - share in Replay Jeans, at that time running at a loss, and started a new adventure. But Marina wanted something to call her own and so in 1992 she founded Altana S.p.A, presently the largest Italian luxury childrenswear company. The firm features some of the most famous brands like Gucci, Moncler, Pinko, Manila Grace, Moschino, Jeckerson, Dimensione Danza, Amore.
In 1991 she entered the services sector by acquiring control of Doxa, the Italian no.1 in market research companies, of which she presently holds a 90% share. Today Doxa plays a key role in Italy especially in the major industrial researches on goods and services.
In 2006 Salamon added to Methodos, one of the most renowned "change management" and high-level human resources training companies to her roster. In the same days she also acquired a share in Banca Ifis, controlled by Sebastian Von Furstenberg and listed on the stock exchange. In 2006 she also founded, together with industrialist Emma Marcegaglia, Arendi, a company specialised in building innovative photovoltaic energy systems. She loves ecology and that is why she is member of the Environmental Affairs Committee of Confindustria (Italian Industrialist's Association). She has been for more than ten years one of the International WWF Board Member for property, staff and finance management and budget.
All her business activities are directed by the holding Alchimia SpA, that she runs personally and directly. But even with all these things to do she does not neglect her values, as she also finds spare energy for non-profit activities. Over the years she worked with several different projects about integration of immigrants in Italy and kids living in hardship in the developing countries.
For what concerns civil commitment, she is a member of the Venice Municipal Executive together with  Massimo Cacciari. But Marina Salamon is not just a "businesswoman" but also and above all a mother.

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